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5 reasons to switch to large-format ID cards

Posted by Heath McDonald on 28-Apr-2017 10:30:00

AdobeStock_96329325.jpegWhat's the point of Large-format card printers? Quite a lot actually.

Traditionally, ID cards have been the size of a credit card. Compact, handy, and produced by a huge existing range of card printers, it's tempting to say they're good enough both now and into the future.

However, the future of ID cards could be changing sooner than we thing, with the arrival of the Matica XL8300. It's one great example of innovative and affordable technology that is capable of producing over-sized or large-format ID cards.

Indeed, if you attend a lot of sporting events or conventions, it's impossible to miss that a growing trend is for these large-format ID cards.

So why is the large-format ID card becoming more popular with these events and soon all applications?

Easy to spot

Remember what the main purpose of ID cards are for? It's to correctly identify people. Especially for events that involve a lot of people and a fast flow of traffic, smaller ID cards can be hard to spot. So for concerts, exhibitions, sports events and in a huge range of other circumstances, large-format ID cards are quite simply the better solution.

Increased security

Large-format cards can increase security a few ways; 1) Large-format cards aren't easy to replication so the chance of fraud is very low. 2) the size of an over-sized ID card means it's hard to lose or hide. 3) As above, it's easy to spot from a distance.

Time saving

The main benefit of being able to quickly spot a wearer of large-format ID cards is that it takes less time to identify the wearer. Quite simply, they stand out from the crowd, saving the time of the person being checked, the queue behind them, and the security team.

More information

Ask anyone who is experienced in designing or making ID cards what a fundamental challenge is. It's getting all the information you need on a regular-sized ID card. With a large-format card, that's obviously much less of an issue. Information can be more comprehensive and individualised, while brand messaging can be enhanced.

Hard to copy

Simply because the current 'standard' is smaller-format ID cards, large-format ID cards and badges are harder to copy because there are fewer printers out there. Not only that, some of the first large-format cards compromised in the area of quality and resolution - but that's definitely not an issue with the Matica XL8300!

These are just 5 of the extra benefits of large-format ID cards, but here at ID Supplies, we would be more than happy to let you know some more! Get in touch today for all your ID and security solutions.

Matica XL8300 Large Format Card Printer

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