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8 reasons to get a Matica card printer

Posted by Heath McDonald on 07-Apr-2017 10:30:00

Quality-switch.jpg"Which card printer?" you ask yourself as you search the internet comparing all the printers and printer types available. Direct to card or retransfer? If you've done your research you probably came to the same conclusion as many before you; retransfer card printers are the better quality card printers.

So stop your search, because you can't go wrong with the Matica range of retransfer card printers.

If you need more than that to convince you, we have these 8 reasons to get a Matica card printer.

1. Retransfer is the go

Quite simply, retransfer card printers are better. Without getting too technical, we're talking about quality, the consistency, and the life of the printer. This is all because you're printing on a film that is then bonded to the card thermally, rather than printing directly onto the card.


2. One word: fast

Often the down side to retransfer card printers is the speed reduction, however, with the Matica range of retransfer card printers like the XID8300, prints from the long edge to long edge (54mm), opposed to other printers that print from short edge to short edge (86mm). So if you can print plenty of cards in amazing photo quality at a rate of knots. So rest easy, this Matica beauty can spit out more than 100 cards each hour - and it stores 200 blank ones on board so you can press print and get back to work for hours.

3. Complex, not complicated

No, we don't mean it's hard to use - in fact, it's the opposite, thanks to colour-coding of cartridges and easy front-loading. By 'complex', we mean what the Matica can potentially do - including bend remedy, flipping and encoding for magnetic stripes or even smart cards.

4. High quality print

If quality is important to you, the Matica card printer is the one to get. It boasts up to 600 dpi quality for the XID8600 and 300 dpi quality for the XID8300 and XID8100 (dpi stands for dots per inch, which means the higher the dots per inch, the higher the clarity).

5. Just plug & play

Because Matica have been in the game for so long, they know what users want. Get it out of the box and use it. So the more complex bits about ID card printing, like encoding and lamination, are plug & play.

6. Tardis-like size

The Matica is an industrial-level card printer in terms of what it does, but it's far from industrial once you look beyond the door - a bit like the tardis in Dr Who! In short, it's the ultimate combination of performance, reliability and value in a compact format.

7. Print on almost anything

While your Matica will print a replacement in a flash, once printed, your cards are designed to last - no matter what material you used, including PET, polycarbonate or ABS.

8. A printhead that goes on and on and...

You don't hear about too many lifetime warranties - but there's one with the Matica retransfer card printer range! The printhead is so good, Matica guarantees it will last forever!

Here at ID Supplies, we're pretty sure we've done enough to convince you that if you're super-serious about getting the best card printer in the business, the Matica retransfer card printer range (XID8100, XID8300 and XID8600) is where your search stops. Get yours at ID Supplies today.

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