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Changing of the guard

Posted by Heath McDonald on 05-Apr-2017 10:30:00

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOiAAAAJDlmZTY5YzE4LWM1MjktNGY4NS1iYzY2LTc3NDhiZTE0MTYxNQ.jpgID Supplies has long been driven by customer service, both before and after the sale has processed. We believe when a customer purchases from us, it's not the end of the line, it's just the beginning. Our support structure runs deep through our organisation and every team member at ID Supplies has one common commitment... our customers.

For years our customers have had the complete support from our full-time card printer technician Ray Morgan. However, today it's with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Ray as he moves into the next chapter of his life and we want to thank him for his never ending willingness to help and support our customers, regardless of the size, significance or relevance of the issue.

We've received lots of wonderful feedback and testimonials about Ray from our customers over the years and on behalf of Ray, we would like to thank you for your wonderful feedback. The pride he has received from this feedback is well deserved.

Changing of the Guard

As you can imagine, receiving news that our full-time printer technician will be leaving us was a shock to the system. We started asking ourselves a series of questions... How will we make sure our customers still receive the same support without Ray? Does Ray have a twin brother? How can we humanly shackle and chain Ray to his desk? Have there been any breakthroughs in human cloning?

These thoughts (some rational and some irrational) came flooding through our heads. So we, with Ray, took immediate action... resume after resume, interview after interview, scouring our network for Ray's doppelganger. Calling people that would meet and exceed our expectations and who would match our team and our mission statement.

Then, like a hail Mary we hit struck gold. A man with over 10 years in the card printer industry, a man that we have admired for his willingness to help our business without hesitation, a man who is loyal and a man that we knew would treat our customers with the same respect and willingness as Ray. We knew we had found our new Card Printer Technician.

It's without further ado, we welcome Caryl Galvez.

Caryl Galvez2017.jpgCaryl has spent the last 15 years in the card printing industry, servicing and supporting end users, integrators and resellers in the same capacity Ray has supported ID Supplies. We have complete faith in Caryl's ability to not only continue with Ray's legacy but adapt and improve our customers experience with ID Supplies.

Caryl brings his experience and expertise in

  • HID Fargo Card Printers (all models past and present)
  • Matica Card Printers (all models past and present)
  • Asure ID Card Design Software (all levels)
  • IDNow legacy ID Card Design Software (all levels)
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Windows and Mac card printer driver compatibility

ID Supplies is proud to have Caryl be a part of this customer-focused team and we encourage all our customers to continue to use our support line (02 8841 7404) as normal and introduce yourself to Caryl. He's here and ready to help you today.

If you would like to keep connected with Ray Morgan, you can connect with him on LinkedIn, click here.

Thank you again Ray, you have served ID Supplies with an unprecedented degree of professionalism and superior customer support. You will be missed.

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