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Custom Lanyards for Event Branding

Posted by Heath McDonald on 24-Sep-2014 09:00:00

custom lanyardsAre you an event co-ordinator? Have you considered the benefits of custom printed Lanyards? Frankly I believe they are a must for any event. They are inexpensive, plus visually, they are a great branding tool, whether they are displaying a logo, phone or promotional message. They are a great way to promote yourself or company to your audience.

There are a few different methods or ways to display your logo or message on a lanyard. One option is Dye-Sublimation which prints sharp images and text onto smooth polyester. This method is great for free flowing text and images. Alternatively if your have a well defined logo the recommended option is to have your logo screen printed using the offset technique. If your logo has shading or a background image or photo, I would steer you toward Dye-Sublimation. The standard fabrics are different forms of polyester; flat, tubular, smooth and reinforced however there are other materials available.

Whatever the process, we guarantee you will love the professional look and feel that the end product will have. You can also choose different widths, which are 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm depending on your need and budget. Also available is our range of Bamboo or eco-friendly range that is very comfortable to wear.

However if your clear for what-ever reason thata custom lanyards are not for you. We have a large supply of standard lanyards yoou can choose from.

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