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Heighten the visual security of your event with the Matica XL8300 printer

Posted by Heath McDonald on 12-Apr-2017 10:30:00

Large-Format-Event-Card.pngLarge-format cards are used by the events management industry to provide efficient and secure access to visitors, staff, and VIPs. The demand for large-format cards range from simply granting access capabilities to more specialised security where spontaneous and immediate personal identification may be required. Large-format cards can be found in events like trade fairs, expos, conferences and sporting competitions.

Matica Technologies is a leading global brand in corporate ID, government ID, and financial card personalisation. The XL8300 is a carefully engineered retransfer printer that specialises in printing superior quality oversized cards for events.

What makes the XL8300 better than the rest?

Superior quality

The Matica XL8300 uses retransfer card printing technology that is well known as the superior quality printing method then that of direct to card printing.


The XL8300 is a flexible printer with dual printable areas that can be customised to suit any printing requirement. Consistent and accurate, the printer can print on a large range of card materials like ABS, PET, and PVC.


With printing speeds of up to 128 cards, the XL8300 is a fast printer that can print large-format cards on demand in seconds.

Matica_XL8300_side-1.jpgIncreased personalisation and security

Leveraging on the success of the XID retransfer technology, the XL8300 is an advanced alternative to companies requiring large format card printing.

For added security, the printer can print text, logo, images and UV. Printing can be done in 300 x 300 dpi full colour or in monochrome black.


All Matica XL8300's printheads have a lifetime warranty. Customers can also enjoy our Card Printer Service Guarantee.

Compact but practical, the Matica XL8300 is the solution to printing superior-quality large-format cards for any event. Matica XL8300 is available from ID Supplies as a Matica Technology distribution partner and we can advise you on the best options for all your large-format card printing needs. Contact us today on 1800 330 099!

Matica XL8300 Large Format Card Printer

ID Supplies is an approved Matica Technologies distribution partner that is an identification and security solutions specialist with a comprehensive range of identification and security related products/services including proven EDI-secure printers, card printers, customised lanyards, access control cards and solutions, visitor management and more.

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