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5 top tips for cleaning an ID card printer

Posted by Heath McDonald on 15-Feb-2017 10:30:00

A card printer is an essential item for any business that requires employees to carry their company ID cards with them at all times. To prevent damage to your card printer (which can be quite expensive machines) and to minimise downtime, it is paramount that you regularly clean your card printer.

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5 ways to customise your business lanyards

Posted by Heath McDonald on 10-Feb-2017 10:03:18

Custom lanyards are an important part of any business. Not only do they help identify members of your staff, they can help to organise your employees and advertise your brand.

Here are five things to keep in mind when designing your business lanyards.

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3 great product promotion ideas to inspire you

Posted by Heath McDonald on 08-Feb-2017 11:06:55

Promotional gifts, or giveaways, branded with your company logo, could be of great benefit to your business. For a relatively low cost, you could see a significant return, especially when it comes to the awareness generated around your business.

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How to know when your card printer needs a service

Posted by Heath McDonald on 03-Feb-2017 16:15:47

If you own a card printer in your business, you're probably thankful, as it makes life a lot easier whenever you might need to print a new ID card. However, sometimes owning a card printer can be a frustrating experience if adequate maintenance isn't kept – it might break down unexpectedly, or have problems with the printing or the mechanisms may be getting worn.

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Why you should have a card printer servicing policy

Posted by Heath McDonald on 01-Feb-2017 15:26:56

Organisations that need ID card printing understand the many benefits of owning and operating their own ID card printer.

The benefits of owning a card printer:

  • Cards can be printed and replaced easily and on demand with no waiting time
  • The ID cards can be personalised instead of generic for visitors, which boosts security
  • The best thing about owning a card printer is that printing your own ID cards in high quantities is much more cost effective.

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The two reasons culture is key to your company's visitor management

Posted by Heath McDonald on 27-Jan-2017 10:30:00

'Corporate culture.' We hear the term flung around the meeting rooms of monolithic Silicon Valley companies and in the movies that portray them to a tiring degree. But what exactly is corporate culture, and how does it impact your company's visitor management?

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Why a good visitor management system is important to your visitors

Posted by Heath McDonald on 25-Jan-2017 11:00:00

The benefits of having an effective visitor management system for a business are intangible. From ensuring your organisation 's security to protecting against legal issues, the reasons for a business to have a visitor management system are numerous. However, one aspect often overlooked is why having a good visitor management system is important for your visitors.

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How to use PVC cards for your next event

Posted by Heath McDonald on 20-Jan-2017 10:30:00

PVC cards are an economical and effective way to solve your security and identification needs. Whether it's a conference, a festival or a fundraiser, there are lots of ways you can utilise PVC cards for your next event.

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Large format card printers for events

Posted by Heath McDonald on 18-Jan-2017 10:30:00

The event management and conferencing industry is growing rapidly and is now one of the key strategic tools companies use for communication and advertising. As these events continue to grow, companies need to look at new ways to leverage creativity and technological innovation to increase their visual security, which is where large format card printers can help.

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What Card Printer Do I Need? A quick buyers guide

Posted by Heath McDonald on 13-Jan-2017 10:30:00

If your organisation's ID card printing volume is reasonable, it's likely you came around to the idea of getting your own ID card printer. Controlling your own ID cards saves time, you're not giving away money on labor and profits when you outsource, and it's just the clever way to put all the benefits of ID cards right in your hands.

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