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How to clean and maintain your Fargo DTC1250e Card Printer

Fargo_dtc1250e.jpgWelcome Fargo DTC1250e and DTC1000 users, please find instructions below on how to clean your Fargo DTC1250e or DTC1000 card printer.

If you have run out of your cleaning supplies please contact us on 1800 33 00 99 for immediate dispatch of the products you and your printer need.

The cleaning kit required is product code HCAF86177 - Purchase Online Now

Cleaning the rollers using a cleaning card

  1. On the computer go to the Start menu and select Devices & Printers (or Printers & Faxes)
  2. Right click of "Fargo DTC1250e" or "Fargo DTC1000" and select Printer Preferecnes
  3. Click on the ToolBox button
  4. Select Clean Printer tab and follow these instructions.
    a. Remove all the cards and ribbon from the printer and close the cover
    b. Take the long cleaning card and remove the backing paper from both sides of the card (please note if you have a magnetic encoder please do not remove the small stripe marked to avoid damaging the magnetic encoder)
    c. Insert the cleaning card into the card hopper (as shown below)
    DTC1000 cleaning
    d. Click on the clean button and guide the cleaning card into the printer ensure it feeds through straight.
    e. Once the cleaning cycle is complete the cleaning card will eject
  5. Replace the ribbon and cards back into the printer.

Cleaning the printhead using a printhead cleaning swab

  1. Open the front cover and remove the ribbon
  2. Take the printhead cleaning swab and squeeze so the plastic pops and the cleaning solution gets obsorbed into the sponge.
  3. Take the cleaning solution soaked sponge and swab the printhead gently (the printhead is located within the centre black casing that is between the two sides of the ribbon cartridge as shown below)
  4. Replace the ribbon

Cleaning the outside of the machine

  1. Open one of the cleaning pads
  2. Wipe down the exterior only

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