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The importance of card printer servicing

Posted by Heath McDonald on 17-Feb-2017 11:00:00

Card-Printer-Servicing.jpgSo you've invested in a card printer for your business and now it's a vital part of your operations, but are you taking care of it as much as you should be?

Just like any piece of office equipment, card printers require regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance if they are to maintain reliability and consistency. So if you have a card printer, here are three reasons why you should get your card printer serviced regularly.

Faltering calibration

ID card printers use what is called printer ribbons to print cards. The card print has many sensors inside of it to tell what print panel the ribbon is on in order to print effectively. Over time these sensors can become misaligned. In fact, the more often you use your printer, the more likely it is that its sensors will become misaligned. Eventually, this misalignment will become obvious on your printed cards making them appear of poor quality and/or unprofessional.

Poor print quality

A common issue that can arise with ID card printers is poor print quality. There can be a number of attributions to this issue. As you know, the handling and preparation of ID cards prior to their insertion into your ID card printer is essential, but even over time, the most careful users can make mistakes. Cards can easily pick up the oils from our hands and as the printer heats passes over these oils, it can collect inside the machine causing poor or blotchy printing.

Other reasons can be a build up of dust, dirt and other foreign objects that have entered the machine that can severely disrupt the main board causing such things as insufficient power to the print head causing for a duller print. It's important if you start seeing poor print quality over time, to get it seen by a professional printer technician.

Mechanical issues/jamming

Over time a card printers parts can diminish and start having mechanical issues. If the card printer is not properly maintained, both the ribbon or the cards themselves can become jammed in the printer. This is often the result of an unsuitable (dusty, humid etc.) printing environment or simply the result of a dust buildup from lack of cleaning.

If you can see the lodged card and have experience, you can gently remove the jam; however, some jams can occur deeper in the mechanism and should not be forced. While most jams can be fixed, over time, card and ribbon jams will become more and more prevalent if the underlying cause is not addressed and you can do serious damage to your printer.

If you require card printer servicing for your printer, contact us today on 1800 330 099.

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