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Why you need oversized ID cards

Posted by Heath McDonald on 22-Feb-2017 10:30:00

Large-Format-Event-Card.pngIf there is such a thing as a hot trend in the world of ID card printing, it's summed up in a single word: oversized/large format card printing.

All around the world, it's impossible not to notice that all sorts of events and organisers are doing their visitor management with colour-bursting, ultra high-quality, oversized credentials.

To achieve these cards you either need to know the individual credentials ahead of time to have them printed in mass, or you will need a specialised large format card printer specifically designed for this sort of oversized printing on demand.

Wait, what - oversized card printing on demand?

That's right. Normal card printers, typically print ID cards that are credit card size. However, we're talking of a card printer that can print much bigger than that. An oversized card printer can print on dimensions up to 140mm (long) x 85.6mm (wide).

No more paper-type large credentials that easily get damaged

Those days of printing large paper-type credentials then laminating are well and truly in the past. We're talking about PVC, the same material that credit cards and membership cards are made of which will stay clean, repel any moisture and keep the credentials (whether it be ID cards, VIP passes, event tickets or any form of ID) in great shape well into the future.

Printing large format cards on demand in seconds!

New oversized card printers like the Matica XL8300 can print up to 128 oversized cards every hour. That's under 30 seconds per card! Almost as fast as a standard credit card printer.

What's even more incredible is the Matica XL8300 uses retransfer print technology, meaning it has a higher print quality than normal credit card size direct to card printers and previous large format card printers on the market.

Not just a 'Hot Trend', now becoming the norm

We're absolutely serious. All over the world, events and conferences are making great use of oversized cards for all sorts of reasons. They are

  • more visible from a distance
  • better for branding
  • perfect to fit more information
  • incredible for extensive evacuation procedures
  • ideal for including a map of the venue
  • the list goes on and on

Perfect for big events

If oversized ID card printing wasn't designed for big events, then it's definitely a accidental genius moment.

We're not just talking about big events like exhibitions and trade shows, we're talking major international events such as Commonwealth Games, X-Games, massive golf events, even the biggest of them all... the Olympics!

Even events that run for weeks like the Sydney Royal Easter Show are perfect for large format card printing. Some of these events are already using large format card printers.

Matica XL8300 Large Format Card Printer


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