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4 ways a custom ID and lanyard can help you grow sales

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 25-Apr-2018 10:00:00

Often employees can neglect to wear their name badges and lanyards, leaving them in the office kitchen, on their desks or simply in their pockets. This self-defeating behaviour is often found in companies where employees associate their badges and lanyards with a security requirement, rather than great for business.

In fact, lanyards and great IDs are not only good for security, they are good for your business's corporate positioning and your salesperson's ability to close a deal. 

Here are our top reasons your sales and marketing team should consider your lanyard and ID critical to their sales growth.

1. You can make your business partner feel more comfortable

There are many salespersons and resellers in the world who can misrepresent their relationship with your company or who you work for. Your team can remove any negative perceptions before the conversation starts; their company ID tells potential business partners who they work for and their name - and verifies that they have the authority to negotiate on behalf of your company.

2. You can stop the sales-show amnesia

Some of the best trade shows are sell-outs, with fringe events and networking sessions. That makes it tough for potential buyers to keep track of your name and company - and value proposition. If you want to close the deal, they have to know you and associate you with their chosen product; so your lanyard and ID reinforces your company name and contact name before they hunt for your business card.

3. Give your team a professional image

Clean, smart designs for your quality printed name badge and a custom woven lanyard goes beyond just good security, they give your team a professional image. Buyers want to be associated with professional companies who can not only deliver great service but look professional - which is a good thing no matter your sector.

4. Your company takes security seriously

Physical and cyber security are some of the biggest risks to the business. But you can send the signal that your company doesn't cut corners when it comes to security, you will protect their company in the same way as you protect your own. 

Call ID Supplies today on 1800 330 099 to discuss how we can help you identify a quality product that will make your team appear as professional as possible. Read More

How can a business best protect lone workers?

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 20-Apr-2018 10:00:00

As work schedules become more and more fractured, lone workers become more and more common. After all, these days, employees often juggle their jobs with other commitments, such as family members, home duties and second occupations. What’s more, the internet’s 24/7 capacity means that many businesses just employ staff members outside normal opening hours. So, what’s the best way to keep lone workers protected and secure? Here are some useful tips. 

Invest in a high-quality security system

The first step is to invest in a security system that you know you can trust. MyTAG is one of the best. Unlike other options, such as QR codes, MyTAG's trusted tags cannot be cloned, so they provide an exceptional level of security. Every employee receives an NFC tag, which allows the recording and monitoring of all movements - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether the worker is alone or with others. Moreover, employees can choose to add an extra layer of security by entering their plans into a mobile device in advance. 

Encourage a security-conscious culture 

In addition to installing a reliable, high-tech security and visitor management system, an employer should encourage and nurture a security-conscious culture. This might involve workshops, talks, courses, professional development sessions, reminders and signs. Without scaring workers, an employer should promote awareness of security issues - both physical and digital. For example, if intending to work alone, an employee should inform another trustworthy person of their intentions and whereabouts. On top of that, employees should pay attention to digital security risks by making sure they follow crucial procedures, such as setting strong passwords and logging out at the end of sessions. 

Raise awareness of risks

Employers should ensure that lone workers are aware of risks, and feel comfortable about reporting and discussing them. Risks vary significantly from workplace to workplace; for example, a laborer entering a construction site might need to check for falls hazards and be careful when using particular machinery. Meanwhile, a nurse should consider social risks, which could range from the possibility of verbal and emotional abuse to the risk of assault or theft. 

By working hard to protect all workers, including lone employees, a business owner promotes a healthy and productive workplace. Contact ID Supplies today for any inquiries about visitor management and security systems. Call 1800 330 099

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How to prevent employee theft and fraud

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 18-Apr-2018 10:00:00

Employees who steal from companies have typically been working there for several years and typically continue to steal for 3 years before they are caught. For small businesses, this can be a devastating blow, while in larger businesses the losses from theft can be even greater. Protecting yourself against employee theft and fraud is mainly about deterrents in the forms of corporate policy and access control, so here we explore the steps you can take. 

Zero tolerance policy

Using a zero tolerance policy and setting this out clearly from the outset is important. If your employees know 100% that you will prosecute if they steal then they will be less likely to. 

Know where they are 

Most theft or fraud occurs at the very start or end of the day when the workplace is quiet. Giving your employees access control cards that record where your employees are and which areas of your building they have accessed and when will make it easier to track unusual or suspicious behaviour. If a staff member suddenly becomes the last one out of a particular area every day then you should start asking questions. You can even make some areas off limits to certain employees if they have no reason to be there.

Use purchase orders

The use of purchase orders means all expenses have to be approved. When you use purchase orders and require receipts you will more readily be able to determine if unusual payments out of the company are being made. 

Manage inventory

Managing the inventory in your business and ensuring that it is regularly checked will enable you to determine promptly if anything is going missing. In doing so you can increase the speed at which discrepancies may be noticed and this will make it easier to track down the culprit. 

Use security cameras

Unsurprisingly people are less likely to steal if they know that they are being watched by a supervisor or by a security camera. Installing security cameras in warehouses is a great way to keep track of goods and will help to limit theft. 

Limiting theft and fraud in your company relies on ensuring that you are able to keep track of all aspects of your company at all times. If you are able to keep track of employees and visitors with visitor management and access control and are able to keep track of stock and outgoing payments then you have a far better chance of catching people stealing. In increasing the chance of catching people you will also see your incidence of theft going down.

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How a visitor management system makes your business more secure against corporate espionage

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 13-Apr-2018 10:00:00

We have explained in the previous post the benefits of a visitor management system; indeed, the benefits are as crucial as they are numerous. However, while safety, control, and the reputation of a company depend on first-rate management systems, security is arguably the biggest one. Corporate espionage is bigger now than it has ever been, and it is just startling how much of a threat corporate spying has become – even for (or especially for, in some cases) startup companies.

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Simple steps to create brand loyalty to your club

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 11-Apr-2018 10:04:00

When operating an exclusive members club, it is important to create brand loyalty to keep everyone coming back to you and to help your club grow through word of mouth. There are simple but easily overlooked ways that you can create this loyalty. Here we explore how you can build customer loyalty for your club.

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The benefits of custom lanyards

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 06-Apr-2018 10:00:00

ID Supplies - Benefits of Custom Lanyards There are a lot of ways to improve your business, and choosing customised lanyards might not seem like an immediately obvious way of doing this. However, in this blog post we'll be going over just a few of the ways your business will benefit from custom lanyards, in ways you might not have considered before!

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Why promotional products are still a great marketing idea

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 04-Apr-2018 10:00:00

Over the past few years, we’ve seen marketing and advertising move further and further into the digital space. The reach, customisation, responsiveness and often lower cost that digital provides, has seen many of the older more traditional channels such as print media go by the wayside.

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Visitor management 101: frequently asked questions

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 30-Mar-2018 10:00:00

Ask people to define a visitor management system today and you'll receive in return a blank stare. For something that is so essential to business security, brand familiarity, and customer awareness, many businesses are failing to get on board with visitor management services and products and are missing out on the benefits that can be reaped.

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4 ways that MyTAG will save your business time and money.

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 28-Mar-2018 10:00:00

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How MyTAG Proof of Presence can benefit your company

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 23-Mar-2018 10:00:00

MyTAG Proof of Presence is an innovative way to increase security within your company.

It works by allowing both visitors and employees to track their movements on site through a simple near field communication, or NFC device. In this blog post, we'll discuss a few of the different ways your business stands to benefit by incorporating MyTAG into your system. 

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