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3 surprising ways to generate sales leads with promotional products

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 15-Jun-2018 09:52:00

3-suprising-ways-to-generate-sales-leads-with-promotional-productsA strong lead generation strategy is vital in keeping every business alive. Big corporate do it at mass scale, making it even more important for small to medium businesses to have a lead generation plan in place. 
Did you know that promotional products aren’t just a branding tool, they can also help you generate sales leads too! Here are three surprising ways your business can benefit by integrating promotional products into your lead generation strategy. 

1. Attract leads with promotional product tiers

Not all promotional products are perceived the same. You are more likely to capture the attention of potential customers at trade fairs if you were giving a nice ceramic mug than if you were giving a pen. That’s not to say pens aren’t valued; they are in fact a great way to get your brand out and can be used at the beginning stages of lead creation when you’re meeting someone new. But for the purpose of developing more interest and in-depth conversations with potential customers, a premium product can be the doorway of creating qualified leads by "trading it" for valuable lead information like a name and contact number.

2. Use the promotional product as a way of connecting to target customers and clients

In the case of small businesses, an outbound approach can be a lot more effective than waiting for customers to come to you. Think about delivering a nice promotional product to people and clients that match your target audience. Even if they may not have expressed an interest or have heard of your company, it can be a nice way to develop a new connection and put your brand top of mind when the person is ready to buy a product or service that your company offers. By making an impression first, it will make it easier for you to follow up the lead with a call. 

3. Offer a thank you gift for referrals

Have you ever had a new customer by referral? Word of mouth is known to be an effective way of gaining trust and interest from new customers. Remember to thank the person who referred the new customer by giving them a nice piece of branded merchandise. This will leave them with a lasting impression and may even entice them to continue referring more customers. 

So now it’s time to integrate promotional products into your lead generation strategy. Think outside the box and start creating effective leads today. Call us on 1800 330 099 for custom promotional product ideas, or check out our website!

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