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3 things to consider when buying promotional products

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 20-Jun-2018 09:59:00

ID-Supplies-Promotional-ProductsWhen it comes to choosing promotional products for your next product launch, business event, or even business meeting, you might be wondering how you decide on which is the best product for you and your business.

We've put together three important tips for choosing the perfect promotional product for your business. 

1. Think about your audience

At the core of every marketing effort is needing to understand your customer. You need to know the specifics of who make up your target market. For example, whether your target market is a majority of females or males, their age, income, interests, businesses, and more. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to choose a promotional product that will suit your business and your potential customers' needs. 

2. Consider the type of event

You should consider what type of event you are going to be promoting your product or business at, then consider what type of promotional product would be helpful in that situation. At a business meeting event, would promotional pens be more practical rather than a mousepad? Or for a pop-up event, would it be more appropriate to have USBs so that your potential customers won't need to carry lots of brochures or paperwork with them? Consider that at this type of event people may be carrying lots of promotional products, so you will want yours to be small yet effective. 

3. Make it useful

One of the main apprehensions when companies like yours consider promotional products is the fear that the item you choose will simply be disposed of right away. That's a legitimate concern and shows why it is important to choose promotional products that are helpful and useful to your potential customers; for example, a USB for software customers, a pen for business meetings, or a trendy mug or bag for trade shows. Any item, regardless of whether it's trendy or cute, will be disposed of or unused if it's not useful. 

If you're interested in promotional products for your next event, then why not check out the complete range at ID Supplies today. We have an excellent selection of promotional products on offer which can all be tailored to suit your business needs. Call 1800 330 099 today or check out our website!

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