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3 ways promotional products can help your business to grow faster

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 04-Jul-2018 09:56:00

3-ways-promo-products-help-your-business-growAs a business owner, it's highly likely that your plate is already full and new marketing activities can be daunting. With promotional products, however, you can add quality to your existing marketing promotions and reap the benefit of doing so. We consider how adding promotional products to your existing marketing mix can help you to boost your business:

Trade shows and exhibitions

When attending trade shows and exhibitions, it's very easy to get lost in the crowd and this could mean that you're losing out on a lot of custom. Realistically, people attending trade shows are only going to remember the companies that grab their attention, so this is what you need to do. Promotional items can help you make an impression with very little effort at trade shows and this will help your business to grow, because attendees will be far more likely to remember you. 

Direct mail

Direct mail is a very effective means with which to adver tise to new clients, but many of these letters will simply be thrown in the bin. There's no better way to ensure your package gets opened than by adding in a promotional item. With a promotional item added to your direct mailing campaign, it will be possible to massively increase the chances of converting a customer, so the investment may be well worth it.

Creating customer loyalty 

While many businesses send out thank you messages to clients, this is something you can very easily boost in quality with promotional items. Instead of sending customers an email you can instead hand them something or post them something of quality. While this will obviously cost you more, this will ensure that you stick in the mind of the customer and will make it far more likely that they will return to do business with you again. 

Promotional items offer a wonderful way in which you can boost existing marketing campaigns to maximise on their effect. At trade shows and through all other communications with customers, a promotional item can add value and build loyalty. For more information, contact ID Supplies today on 1800 330 099 or visit our website!

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