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3 ways to help boost security for employees and customers

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 25-Jul-2018 10:01:00

3-ways-to-help-boost-security-for-employees-and-customersIt is crucial for every business to make security a top priority. A breach of security is not only detrimental to your business itself, it is also unsafe for employees and customers who frequent your site.

Here are some easy but effective ways to boost security within your establishment.

Install an access control system

An access control system is a system that regulates who can access certain areas in an establishment. Although some have posters saying that only authorised personnel are allowed, someone could still barge in and obtain important items, equipment, or documents. An access control system uses access cards that are programmed to open or unlock doors only for those who are granted the appropriate access.

Provide staff with uniforms or custom lanyards

Uniforms and lanyards are meant to help customers identify who works in the establishment. This way, customers are protected from scammers who pretend to work there and conduct illegal transactions with them. But do not just choose any generic uniform. Order custom lanyards and uniforms that bear your company's logo, slogan, job title or colours. 

Post guidelines and reminders

Employees are often briefed about company policies and safety measures but it is best to post such information in the locker room or anywhere only the staff can access. This will serve as a reminder to them so that they are more likely to uphold such policies at all times. For customers, simple reminders like "Transact only with authorised personnel" will help remind them to be cautious and careful. Make sure that these posts are featured in visible areas within the establishment.

Update locks and passwords

Do not stick with one certain lock code or password for a long time. Make it a habit to update it every month or so. This way, thieves would not be able to track or guess it. Also, former employees won't be able to access the company's system anymore.

Security is very important. It is one of the things that business owners must not skimp on. Not only will it protect your investments, it will also establish a reputation for you as a safe place to work and a reliable company to do business with. Have questions? Call ID Supplies today on 1800 330 099.

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