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4 reasons to use ID cards in schools

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 27-Jul-2018 10:12:00

ID-Supplies-reasons-to-use-id-cards-in-schoolSafety is one of the biggest factors for schools of all shapes and sizes. Whether the students are young children, teenagers or adults, ID cards can hugely benefit all educational settings, they are beneficial for a number of reasons.

Here are four reasons why your school should use ID cards.


1. Easy identification

The first and most obvious point is that ID cards make for easy identification. Pop ID cards on a lanyard and the names of teachers and students can be displayed clearly at all times. This works particularly well for new starters, as it takes away the pressure to learn everybody's name quickly. It also means that any visitors and temporary teachers can address everybody by their names.

2. Visitor management

One of the biggest security measures in schools is a strong visitor management system. Whenever anyone who wouldn't normally be in the school visits, they should be presented with a form of identification that allows all staff and students to know they are visiting. Not only a clever safety measure, but it also ensures your visitor will be greeted with friendly welcomes as they explore the school.

3. Display important information

ID cards aren't just about names or photographs. They can also be used to display important information about its carrier. This information could include allergies and illnesses, or even emergency contact numbers. This again acts as an important safety measure, which is really essential for school settings. 

4. Promote school spirit

ID cards, complete with custom school branded lanyards, can help promote a sense of school spirit and community. Students and staff can wear them with pride, especially on school trips and outings. You can also use ID cards to display certain titles, such as sports team captain or student counsellor. Students will be proud of these titles and will be glad to show them off on their ID card.

If your educational setting could benefit from ID cards then contact ID Supplies today to find out more about our card printing services and custom lanyards. Our products are of the highest quality and are affordable, our team will be on hand and happy to help answer any questions.

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