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4 reasons your school needs custom lanyards

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 01-Aug-2018 10:05:00

LSPB2-premium-lanyard-with-breakaway-_-swivel-hook-group-00Lanyards have many uses and are used to suit various needs, all over the world. They are versatile, useful and easy to customise.

Below are four important reasons why your school needs custom lanyards.

1. Lanyards can be used for safety and security

The most important reason of all is that custom lanyards can be used to ensure safety and security, particularly in way of visitor management. Using lanyards to display visitor cards and passes means that it's easy to prove that a person has permission to be on the premises. By branding the lanyard with your school colours, name and/or logo you ensure high visability for whoever is wearing it. 

2. Lanyards are perfect for teachers

Lanyards are a perfect accessory for teachers. Sports staff can clip whistles to them, but they can also hold ID badges and keys. Teachers can therefore keep everything they need on their person at all times, minimising the risk of items being lost. 

3. Lanyards are essential for school trips

School trips to busy places can be stressful, leaving you wondering how you'll keep track of all your students amongst the crowds. Custom lanyards are a great way to identify students from a distance as they are bright, colourful and stand out in a crowd. You can also attach a contact number badge to the lanyard in case a child wanders off. The lanyard will make them easy to find, and ensure safety on school trips, for peace of mind.

4. Lanyards can be used for raising funds

You can sell lanyards to raise funds for your school. Parents and children alike can make use of lanyards, and will often be happy to support the school in fund raising. Selling lanyards with a custom design makes them truly unique, and you will find that they sell out in no time!

If you need custom lanyards for your school, college or club then contact ID Supplies today. Our huge range of high quality lanyards come with everything you need for designs that stand out and make an impact. Visit our website for more information.

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