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4 ways a custom ID and lanyard can help you grow sales

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 25-Apr-2018 10:00:00

4-ways-a-custom-id-and-lanyard-can-help-you-grow-salesOften employees can neglect to wear their name badges and lanyards, leaving them in the office kitchen, on their desks or simply in their pockets. This self-defeating behaviour is often found in companies where employees associate their badges and lanyards with a security requirement, rather than great for business.

In fact, lanyards and great IDs are not only good for security, they are good for your business's corporate positioning and your salesperson's ability to close a deal. 

Here are our top reasons your sales and marketing team should consider your lanyard and ID critical to their sales growth.

1. You can make your business partner feel more comfortable

There are many salespersons and resellers in the world who can misrepresent their relationship with your company or who you work for. Your team can remove any negative perceptions before the conversation starts; their company ID tells potential business partners who they work for and their name - and verifies that they have the authority to negotiate on behalf of your company.

2. You can stop the sales-show amnesia

Some of the best trade shows are sell-outs, with fringe events and networking sessions. That makes it tough for potential buyers to keep track of your name and company - and value proposition. If you want to close the deal, they have to know you and associate you with their chosen product; so your lanyard and ID reinforces your company name and contact name before they hunt for your business card.

3. Give your team a professional image

Clean, smart designs for your quality printed name badge and a custom woven lanyard goes beyond just good security, they give your team a professional image. Buyers want to be associated with professional companies who can not only deliver great service but look professional - which is a good thing no matter your sector.

4. Your company takes security seriously

Physical and cyber security are some of the biggest risks to the business. But you can send the signal that your company doesn't cut corners when it comes to security, you will protect their company in the same way as you protect your own. 

Call ID Supplies today on 1800 330 099 to discuss how we can help you identify a quality product that will make your team appear as professional as possible.
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