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5 benefits of automated visitor management software

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 06-Jul-2018 09:59:00

Access-control-cardsMany businesses are still using manual, paper format visitor management, but there are problems associated with such outdated systems. Not least they are time consuming to up-keep and they do not provide protection from unwanted visitors to your organisation. An automated visitor management system on the other hand can quickly fix existing security issues. Here we explore the five major benefits of automated visitor management. 

1. Improve security

By installing gates that operate with access control cards you will be able to add a barrier to entry that is automated and yet highly effective. With this extra security your offices will immediately become a safer place to be. 

2. Cost saving 

A good quality automated visitor management system may cost you in the short term, but over the long term this will actually save you money. If you can cut your reception staff even by one person then you will make your money back on the system within a year. 

3. Increase efficiency

Paper registration systems for visitors are time consuming and slow to operate. With an up to date touch screen interface and card printer, however, you can offer a better first impression and a more efficient process too. 

4. Access patterns 

With a visitor management system you will also be able to keep track of employees. The system will effectively have a log of when employees come into and leave the building, meaning that you can keep track of the hours they are working. This allows you to achieve greater visibility of the offices and the patterns of employee behavior. 

5. Flexibility and scale-ability

Unlike paper systems, automated visitor management systems are also flexible and scale-able to the needs of the business. As your business grows or the number of visitors increases, such systems can be easily expanded to meet your needs at any time, which makes it a long lasting and practical solution for your company. 

An automated electronic visitor management system can provide a cost effective and highly secure solution to your office requirements. Whether you have 100 staff or 10,000, visitor management solutions are the answer for you. Talk to us today for more information. Call 1800 330 099 or visit our website.

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