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5 benefits of hi-vis ID card holders

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 18-May-2018 10:00:00

5-benefits-of-hi-vis-ID-card-holders-id-suppliesID card holders are most effective when they enable easy, instant identification. That's why hi-vis card holders are often the best choice. Available in bright, immediately noticeable colours, including blue, red and yellow, they ensure that important staff members, such as security and management, can be spotted straight away. This results in efficient operations on a regular basis and a faster response in an emergency. Here are five important reasons why your business should consider adding hi-vis ID card holders to its range of identification accessories.

Easy to see

The main benefit of any hi-vis apparel or equipment is that it stands out. This is definitely true of hi-vis ID card holders, which allow guests to spot relevant staff members without any hassle – especially useful in poorly lit or busy, chaotic environments. 

Better organisation 

Many businesses that use hi-vis ID card holders delegate a particular colour to a particular job. For example, security staff might wear yellow card holders, while loading dock staff wear blue. This helps with staff structure and organisation because specific employees can be sighted from a distance, according to occupation. As such, if someone is in the wrong place or is needed elsewhere, a manager knows straight away and can respond appropriately.

Sense of security

When guests and staff members know that it's easy to find qualified people in an emergency, they usually feel more secure. Rather than worrying about their safety, they can put more energy into their work or, at an event, enjoying themselves. In this way, your choice of identification accessories can lead to improved productivity. 

High quality and durable 

Every item in our collection of hi-vis ID card holders is high quality and durable. A manager doesn't have to feel anxious about being let down when it matters most – during a special event or emergency. Both the plastic and the backing are designed to last, even for workers who spend a lot of time outdoors, exposed to the elements. 

Adjustable bands

Last but not least, hi-vis ID card holders fit around the wearer's arm. The band is adjustable and comfortable, catering to arms of all sizes. This means one holder can be easily transferred from one staff member to another. To find out more about hi-vis ID card or licence holders, contact us at ID Supplies today. Call 1800 330 099

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