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5 secure ways to welcome visitors to your location

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 22-Jun-2018 09:30:00


Effective visitor management processes should ensure the security of your building, site or complex. At the same time, it shouldn't be an awkward experience for those who are visiting. They'll appreciate the need for effective security but not want it to seem either excessive or too time consuming. Here are five options to consider...

Standard reception area

The use of an effective visitor management system should offer technology that scans their ID in moments and allows a swift check-in. This means the personal focus can remain on welcoming them and providing any information they need to proceed, or contacting any individual who wishes to meet them. 

Unattended kiosk reception

This allows for self-registration, saving your own staff's time. It's a particularly useful method, when paired with the next possibility...

Pre-registration online

As with many other activities, such as booking travel tickets, offering visitors the opportunity to pre-register can then smooth and hasten their actual arrival. This is even more valuable when there may be induction or welcome safety processes or presentations which any visitor needs to complete; allowing you to ensure everything is ready for this to quickly be achieved.

Mobile or satellite registration

Some of your entrance location points might be remote from, and with no physical connection to, a main building. Examples of this could include a campus, a manufacturing location, or large construction site. Offering a mobile solution allows you to facilitate vehicle or people entry, acceptance of deliveries and the like. Having a satellite monitoring option allows operators to remotely scan identification and facilitate entry or egress as necessary.

Integrated access control

Connecting visitor management processes to access control systems allows you to provide visitor cards that permit specific access conditions to be granted. For example, if a visitor is attending a single meeting, then controlled access can be granted allowing them to progress seamlessly and without hassle only to their meeting venue.

Creating your own visitor management and access plan

The above examples show some options, either standing alone, or in combination, to achieve this. If you'd like an obligation free conversation about seamless, efficient visitor management and access outcomes for your workplace, please talk to one of our experienced ID Supplies team by calling 1800 330 099 now, or check out our website!

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