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What different types of Lanyards are there these days?

Posted by Heath McDonald on 27-Jan-2012 15:17:00

PET Eco Friendly LanyardWho says you can’t make lanyards out of soft drink bottles? The latest rage in lanyards has to do with environmentally friendly materials – and YES, the humble recycled coke® plastic bottle may now be hanging around your neck! PET plastics are now crumbled and reprocessed into a fibre which is woven into a lanyard material.

When Identity Australia first started selling lanyards just on 20 years ago, we were constrained by the fabrics and attachments of the day. After all, who would have wanted to hang a heavy ‘mobile phone’ - 1996 vintage - around their neck? Today life is very different.

Environmentally friendly lanyards have become fashionable. Lanyards such as:

  • Bamboo fibre - biodegradable lanyards
  • PET (those recycled coke® bottles!) lanyards
  • Polyester containing ‘virgin’ fibre plus ‘recycled’ content lanyards
  • PVC lanyards
  • Sustainable fibre options (renewable resources) lanyards

The different types of standard lanyards readily available include;

  • Polyester – soft or coarse woven, flat tube or flat strip. Reinforced. Reflective.
  • Nylon – a stylish ‘sheen’
  • Satin ribbon 

Customised lanyards are designed by us according to a brief from our customer. They will typically include a company logo, company approved PMS colours, a slogan or theme and an attachment suitable for the purpose. For a conference it will be a card holder attachment, but for a promotional item it may be for a USB hub complete with the customer’s catalogue and price list! The variations are vast and we help our customers decide which lanyard idea will support their purpose with the most impact.

With increasing customer awareness, lanyards have had to morph into an ‘WHS’ compliant item with the addition of a safety breakaway inserted into the fabric. The functionality has also been increased by the use of detachable buckles – allowing the lanyard to remain around the neck while the end section can be detached for ease of use, e.g. for keys.

Lanyards are now incorporated with a retractable mini reel to allow items such as access cards to be extended from the body.

So, when you next need a lanyard for a job, think outside the square and imagine where that lanyard will end up after its original purpose – it might just be an advertising opportunity for your client for the next 10 years!

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