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Simple & Cost Effective Visitor Management Systems Available Now

Posted by Heath McDonald on 28-Nov-2014 10:00:00

EasyLobby-Visitor-Management-001The most costly part of any Visitor Management system is the manpower that it consumes at Reception or the Security office. We have found a really easy solution that has us very excited about the possibilities!

  • Instant access to a list of every visitor/contractor on site. Great for fire drills etc.

  • Print professional looking badges complete with company logo.

  • Streamline registration - speeds up the process for busy periods.

  • Self registration options - let your visitors do the work for you!

  • Know who, where and why each visitor is on your premises by replacing your outdated, paper log book with Easy Lobby.

  • For increased security - check visitors against a 'watch list'

  • Generate Time & Attendance reports for Contractors on site - reduces the opportunity for falsified time sheets.

  • Easy Lobby is scalable to any corporation size - have one stand alone computer or have a wide area network with multiple sites.

  • Access Control Integration - Allowing instant issuance of access cards to visitors or contractors and applying their permissions immediately.

  • Visitor management is also great for big events - allowing fast and easy self registration which is a big cost saving on manpower for event management companies.


For more information on Visitor Management call us now on 1800 33 00 99, or simply Email Us with your inquiry or Click Here to Visit Our Site!  

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