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Factors to consider when choosing stock card holders

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 20-Jul-2018 09:55:00

chrec01k-eco-friendly-id-card-cradle-black-04-1Employers expect their employees to have their job identification cards with them at all times, and take good care of them so as not to lose or damage them. Fortunately, there are several varieties of cardholders and custom lanyards that businesses can use to make it easier for their employees. However, there are essential things that an employer needs to think through before choosing stock card holders for his/her users. Different people have varied preferences and needs, and these should be accommodated by letting the users choose from cardholders suited for their occupation.

1. How can the card be protected from harsh environmental conditions? 

If the card is exposed to harsh external forces like chippings, heat or radiation, the cardholder used should be able to cover and protect it. If the card is for identification purposes, the holder needs to be transparent. 

2. Does the user need to remove the card from the card holder?

Some employers provide a multi-functional card that is used for a variety of purposes. For instance, visual identification, opening doors, payments for specific services or computer login. If all these applications require the card to be removed from the cardholder, the task must be smooth for the user. The holder must allow the card to be removed without risk of damage or wear on the technology in the card. 

3. Can the need to remove the card from the cardholder be eliminated? 

Technology has brought about the advent of cardholders that can communicate via Bluetooth for computer logins. If the card has a magnetic strip, the holder should allow for ease in swiping. The user, therefore, does not have to remove the card from its holder or lanyard. This is one of the cardholder options that an employer can consider for their business. 

You can customise your stock card holders, lanyards and accessories so that your employees do not have a hard time using them. For all your custom lanyard, stock card holders and accessories, look no further than ID Supplies. We are a leading identification and security solutions company in Australia. Talk to us today and get a free quote for our card printing services. Call 1800 330 099 Today.

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