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Full time card printer support and service technician

Posted by Heath McDonald on 18-Mar-2015 09:30:00

s--ida_libraries_2012-image_library-marketing-hubspot-blogs-ida_help_centre-images-help-me-man-wiWe understand sometimes you may need some extra attention when setting up your card printer, which is why we have our full time technician on hand to assist customers with there card printer needs.

Our level of service doesn't stop there... we often receive calls from users who purchased their card printers else where and they're supplier is letting them down. Instead of turning you away we welcome you with open arms and start building the relationship you should have received from your current supplier.

The support and service can be reached by calling 02 8841 7400 and one of our friendly staff will do their best to help you get back on your feet and printing again as fast as possible! Our technicians are industry certified and our organisation has over 20 years of experience in supporting ID card printers.

Here is a message from our technicians that may be able to help you if you've run into some issues.

Most issues are usually a simple card jam or ribbon snap / ribbon breakage.

Card jams can range from being really easy, to downright tricky and may need a technician to disassemble the printer... but before resorting to this remember that most card printers have a mechanism in place to assist with removing jammed cards (like in the Fargo machines for example you just open the front door, remove the ribbon, and then the buttons become ‘backwards’ and ‘forwards’ to shift the card further in or out of the machine). Refer to your user guide if you have one for this.

Ribbon breakages are actually quite easy to fix – you simply sticky tape it back together!
Just be sure to line it up straight, and then roll it forward so the patched part of the ribbon won’t get used. (If you’re not sure what way you’re going, just remember YMCKO --- you should see a yellow , then magenta, then cyan, then black and finally clear. If they're come up in the reverse order you’re rolling the wrong way).
NOTE: The odd ribbon breakage from time to time is actually normal, and nothing to be *overly* concerned about…. however, if your ribbon is snapping constantly this could be a larger issue that and may need to be checked by a qualified technician.

Sometimes you can’t physically see anything wrong with your printer and there is no card stuck or the ribbon looks perfectly fine. This could be due to another common solutions, which is that the ribbon is really new, and the firmware or driver on the printer is out of date.

Most issues (especially issues with a brand new ribbon) can be fixed by updating your driver and firmware frequently. Printer manufacturers are constantly updating and patching these to ensure optimum performance. So it’s always a good idea to periodically check to see if new drivers or firmware are available.

Fargo Printers - If you’re using a Fargo printer you should download Fargo Workbench and it will patch your printer up automatically for you,  just remember to start Workbench and run the Update Manager from time to time. (https://www.hidglobal.com/drivers/15325)

Evolis Printers – Quite often when an Evolis machine stops working, upgrading the firmware is a frequent fix. Simply go here and download the newest driver and the newest firmware for your specific printer. (http://us.evolis.com/drivers-support)

Datacard Printers – Datacard do provide frequent updates to their firmware, however updating the firmware is actually not likely to resolve any current issues you’re experiencing (unless the machine is particularly old – such as an SP or CP series printer, which may need the ‘Go Green’ update). It’s worth a try, but it’s not the ‘magic bullet’ fix that it can be for Fargo and Evolis printers. (http://www.datacard.com/support-and-drivers)

If all else fails, give us a call on 02 8841 7400 or e-mail service@idsupplies.com.au we will be more than happy to assist you (whether you bought the printer from us or not!)

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