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How HID Trusted Tags work for a range of business uses

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 16-Feb-2018 10:00:00

AdobeStock_147819956.jpegSince the launch of 'Tap & Go', mobile phones have evolved into much more than a means of communication. These days mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices have become an extension, a tool that we rely upon in our day to day lives, and now this technology has taken another leap forward with the introduction of the HID Trusted Tag.

With the use of Near Field Communication (NFC), devices are enabled to communicate securely with each other when touched together. This innovation has proven to be valuable for business-to-business and consumer use cases, as it eliminates any compromise of privacy. But it spans out to offer greater opportunity, that will change the way we conduct our daily activities forever.

In fact, the HID Trusted Tag enables the service to:

- Pinpoint the precise time of a physical tap

- Distinguish between a physical tap and web access to a server

- Make tags impossible to clone, preventing fraudulent duplication or tag access

- Provide “small data” information about each transaction

Advertising is another area where this technology could thrive. What if the HID Trusted Tag technology was embedded into public areas such as train stations, airports, bus and tram zones with its constant flow of human traffic? The possibilities for the NFC technology is endless. 

For example, NFC can be implicated into:

- Posters and digital billboards

- Smart screens and other promotional material

In fact, this technology can go anywhere your business and imagination take you.

The security embedded within this technology is very well trusted as the HID Trusted Tag makes it impossible to use a shared URL. This security measure, from a business perspective, is a sure way to provide a secure product to the consumer. As it guarantees privacy, keeping users' identity safe, as well as transactions, pins and passwords, it all works on a random method that changes on each tap. For example, every time a device is tapped the security and privacy attributes are never the same. Making the device unable to be traced, replicated and used twice.

To find out more about the HID Trusted Tag and how it could work for your business, speak to us at ID Supplies. Call 1800 330 099

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