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How promotional products are perfect for fundraising

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 16-May-2018 10:00:00

How_promotional_products_are_perfect_for_fundraisingIf you run a business, a group, or any organisation whatsoever, it's impossible to deny that promotional products are still a winner.

In an ever more digital age, people still love to get something tangible in their hot little hands - but it's not just that. It's targeted advertising - promotional products have a proven shelf life, they're fully customisable, they're versatile, they're perfect for brand building and so much more.

But here's something you may not have considered as a great benefit of promotional products: fundraising.

Just about every organisation, group or school knows all about the value and importance of fundraising - and we've all stood at a Bunnings BBQ, attended a trivia night, or sold Girl Guide biscuits at one time or another.

But promotional products are brilliant for fundraising, too! Here are some killer examples we've heard of recently:

1. School fundraising

A school fundraising group was having trouble thinking of an idea until it had this little gem - a school disco. Colourful wristbands with happy, silly and funny messages on them were used to supplement the small door fee - and the kids were able to purchase them for a low price.

2. A local footy club

Local football clubs are always looking for ways to raise a little extra cash to stay afloat. And because their fans and supporters are keen to help and they just love branded merchandise, the club got a range of promotional products printed in club colours with the team name that could be bought for a small cost.

3. Father's Day fun

A local kindergarten was looking for something novel and fun for the kids to take home to Dad on Father's Day - in addition to that excellent hand-made card! So the kindy got some mugs produced with a lovely Father's Day message, which could be bought as a surprise by Mum and taken home by the kids for a chuffed and proud Dad. And it made some great extra money for the school.

These are just a few ways that promotional products can be the easy and affordable choice when it comes to your organisation's next round of fundraising.

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