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How To Choose The Right Promotional Product For Your Next Event

Posted by Heath McDonald on 13-Mar-2015 10:00:00

promotionalproductsChoosing the right promotional product to hand out to prospective clients can be a great exercise in good branding. The opposite is also true for poorly chosen promotional products. Although seeming obvious the key is to select the promotional product that is in line with your target audience business interests. For example, you wouldn't give printed T-Shirts to customers who's business is formal wear. A good rule is to always place yourself in your customers shoes, before choosing your promotional item.

Quality? More To Selection Than Just Product

Simple so far, right? lets say you have really thought about your target audience and for what-ever reason you choose umbrellas as your promotional item. You have a choice between two types of umbrellas, to look at them they both seem identical, but one is less expensive than the other. You think to yourself, I know, if I choose the cheaper one I will save the boss money! You know the saying happy boss, happy life right!! (or is that wife??) anyway back to the story. Yep your choice in umbrellas proved to be a good one. Most of the people that you gave them to, used them. And as they lived in Melbourne, they used them a lot, until they started braking which was not all that long after they got them. The boss was not so happy, because of the loss in viral marketing opportunities. It also reflected poorly on the company because it made them look cheap.

Even though the above is just an example, it is an often too common scenario.

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