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How to effectively implement visitor management policies

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 18-Jul-2018 09:58:00

AdobeStock_13567857Employees feel comfortable at their workplace if security measures are put in place to control access to the premises by outsiders. If employees always have to watch over their shoulders for unexpected visitors, their productivity will be hampered. A visitor management system aids in tracking the movement of visitors in and out of buildings or premises. Most systems require visitors to wear identification accessories while visiting any part of the building. The tighter the security measures, the more secure and at ease employees will feel, making them more productive. Here are some of the specific steps that can be used when implementing a visitor management policy. 

1. Selecting a visitor management system

The system chosen should create a record of facility visitors and also encompass the use of individual visitor ID badges. 

2. Implementation of access control

Visitor control measures cannot be effective if the number of public entrances is not limited and centralised. Once the main entrance has been determined, all other possible entries should remain locked at all times. However, employees can have access to the closed doors by use of HID proximity cards, which they must not misuse for their selfish interests.

3. Setting up a location for the visitor management system

For easier control, there should be a central reception area, probably near the main entrance where the administrator of the system will have visitors sign in and out of the building. 

4. Training

Employees should be trained on the visitor management policy and the precautions they should take for their safety. 

5. The policy should clearly be explained to visitors

Signs can be posted at the entrance, directing visitors to the reception desk. Visitors should be required to check in at the reception desk and return the visitors’ card as they exit the building. 

6. Visitors should produce identification before entering the premises

An organisation can heighten security by asking visitors to produce their identification documents before gaining access to the building. Sometimes, it will be necessary for them to be accompanied by an employee during their visit. This makes it easy to account for everyone within the premises.

Implementing a visitor management system can be a lot of hard work depending on your company requirements. Contact us today at ID Supplies and we will help you with access control cards for your employees and visitor management identification documents to enhance security for your business.

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