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How to prevent employee theft and fraud

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 18-Apr-2018 10:00:00

Access_Control_Visitor_ManagementEmployees who steal from companies have typically been working there for several years and typically continue to steal for 3 years before they are caught. For small businesses, this can be a devastating blow, while in larger businesses the losses from theft can be even greater. Protecting yourself against employee theft and fraud is mainly about deterrents in the forms of corporate policy and access control, so here we explore the steps you can take. 

Zero tolerance policy

Using a zero tolerance policy and setting this out clearly from the outset is important. If your employees know 100% that you will prosecute if they steal then they will be less likely to. 

Know where they are 

Most theft or fraud occurs at the very start or end of the day when the workplace is quiet. Giving your employees access control cards that record where your employees are and which areas of your building they have accessed and when will make it easier to track unusual or suspicious behaviour. If a staff member suddenly becomes the last one out of a particular area every day then you should start asking questions. You can even make some areas off limits to certain employees if they have no reason to be there.

Use purchase orders

The use of purchase orders means all expenses have to be approved. When you use purchase orders and require receipts you will more readily be able to determine if unusual payments out of the company are being made. 

Manage inventory

Managing the inventory in your business and ensuring that it is regularly checked will enable you to determine promptly if anything is going missing. In doing so you can increase the speed at which discrepancies may be noticed and this will make it easier to track down the culprit. 

Use security cameras

Unsurprisingly people are less likely to steal if they know that they are being watched by a supervisor or by a security camera. Installing security cameras in warehouses is a great way to keep track of goods and will help to limit theft. 

Limiting theft and fraud in your company relies on ensuring that you are able to keep track of all aspects of your company at all times. If you are able to keep track of employees and visitors with visitor management and access control and are able to keep track of stock and outgoing payments then you have a far better chance of catching people stealing. In increasing the chance of catching people you will also see your incidence of theft going down.

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