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How to select the right lanyards for a conference

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 29-Jun-2018 09:50:00

ID-Supplies-premium-lanyards-with-breakaway-_-alligator-clipIn any upcoming cooperate event, among the many decisions that have to be made is acquiring and choosing the right lanyards. Lanyards usually offer a wide range of options that may need to be weighed against your company’s needs. Lanyards are important during conferences to help identify the different people in attendance. Here are things to consider when choosing a lanyard.

1. Know the different lanyard materials

Polyester lanyards are popular because of the durability of the canvas for various forms of customisation. Polyester material may be your best choice since it is shiny and has a rich look. On the other hand, woven lanyards are made of polyester with a textured feel. This is especially after a logo or text is placed into the material. Nylon lanyards present the perfect canvas for silk screening.

2. Additional options for convenience and security

Lanyards can be used to display a credential badge, hold a keycard for gaining access to certain parts of the conference and display an ID card.

3. Have your artwork ready

When you are given a quote for your lanyards, the prices are usually subject to the final work. You need to have finished artwork sent to your printer to avoid going back and forth because of the changes that you make to the text and logo. This is to ensure that your quote is based on the correct and final specifications. By having the lanyards printed, you increase brand awareness, enhance corporate identity, and provide sponsorship opportunities.

4. Allow enough time

Some branded custom lanyards can be ready in a few days. However, others take longer and therefore the available options are more limited when you have a short deadline.

5. Backup plan

If you have been extremely busy and have forgotten about custom lanyards for your conference, do not panic. Unbranded lanyards may be your best bet since they can be dispatched immediately.

Once you have settled on the materials, intended use, and how you want the customised print to look, you are ready to choose the perfect lanyards for your conference. Contact us today at ID Supplies for a quote. Call 1800 330 099 or visit our website!

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