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Making the most of promotional mugs

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 07-Mar-2018 10:00:00

AdobeStock_84050276.jpegWith a wide range of different styles and materials available when considering how best to make use of promotional mugs, it pays to spend time assessing both how you want people to use them and what you wish them to say. Here are four useful areas to consider...

Reusable mug for a repeatable message

An example of this would be a ceramic mug that can be used on a work desk. This is ideal for a message that you wish to keep at the front of the minds of your current or potential customers. Perhaps you provide supplies that are ordered on a regular basis, or wish to remind users to frequently visit your website. A simple message, presented with style or humour, can act as the perfect reminder.

Quality mug to reflect the style of your business

Providing classically designed glass, ceramic, or even bone china mugs or cafe style cups as promotional products can help to emphasise the quality of your business, and the services or products you offer. The message is also likely to be more subtle than simply 'buy me' or 'use us'. A possibility could be a famous quotation that reflects your business ethos, with your web address noted below or on the other side of the mug.

Adding a moving message to travel mugs

Perhaps you want to keep in contact with potential customers as they are on the move. This could also reflect the services you provide. They might be needed should an unforeseen motoring emergency arise, or because of a sudden need to hire a car, book a hotel, or the like - or maybe are simply available in a wide range of locations, such as a chain of eateries. 

Making disposable mug messages more permanent

You may be distributing tea, coffee or soft drinks at a public event. The mugs will be thrown away after use - yet your message doesn't have to be. This could be the place for an instruction to the user, such as: "Before you dispose of this mug, make a note of our number for emergency xxx services" - or - "Throwing this away? First, note this code for a xx% discount when you visit our website". 

Making sure your choice of mugs actually work for you, either in the short or long term, is a terrific way to add to their value as promotional products. To discuss how best to achieve this, please contact our friendly and helpful team at ID Supplies on 1800 330 099

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