Multi National Visitor Management Solution

Made possible with EasyLobby by HID Global

EasyLobby-Visitor-Management-001Implementing a nation wide visitor management can be complicated and overwhelming for the administration and users, but it doesn't have to be this way.

The scalability of EasyLobby means no matter the size of your organisation and no matter the amount of locations, EasyLobby can be build and expanded as required with its great product structure.

Lets have a look at a business operating from every major city in Australia. We will plan this as an impliment and rollout scenario.

Initial Site

  • Installation of EasyLobby SVM at the reception PC and the SQL database located on the national server. With the addition of;
    • a Licence Scanner
    • a Label Printer (for visitor or contractor badges)
    • a Barcode Scanner (if quick check out is desired)
  • Installation of the included EasyLobby Administrator on the managers PC
  • Setup the processes as required and create badge templates 
  • Initial site complete

The initial site is achieved with the purchase of only one copy of EasyLobby SVM (which includes one copy of Administrator) and a selection of peripherals.

Here's the scalability of EasyLobby; to role this same setup to all other sites you need only purchase a copy of EasyLobby SVM per site and the selected peripherals.

Using the exisiting SQL database on the server every SVM at each site will connect directly to this instantly turning your Visitor Management from single site to multi site.

All that is left is to roll out your templates and documented processes to each site, plus add permissions for each user.

To expand your Visitor Management to include the other EasyLobby products are just as scalable. Take eAdvance Pre-Registration for example, simply purchase one copy per site (either hosted by your own web server yourself or hosting is available for purchase). Every product in the EasyLobby range is scalable and can work with your organisation regardless of size or geographic location.

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