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Offering a stuck-on promotional solution

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 01-Jun-2018 10:00:00

ID-Supplies-Promotional-Sticky-Screen-CleanersIf you are wondering how best to use promotional products to keep your name in front of your potential customers, there are limitless ideas out there. However, one key word in the previous sentence can often prove to be problematical. It's: keep. There are so many ways to place a message in front of those who you want to see it. However, how many of these might be a one-time presentation? 

You therefore might focus on products that have repeated uses, such as pens or mugs and the like. These offer good repeat visibility and are still highly popular among those who receive them.

Now you can add another terrific idea to such a collection. What's more, this is one which is phenomenally useful on a frequent use basis. There are lots of problems in modern life. While we accept that the one we are discussing here won't specifically help with world peace or retreating ice floes, it does offer a swift and repeatable solution to one of life's real irritations.

Keeping mobile devices clean 

As mobiles and smartphones become almost permanently attached to hands and pressed to ears, they inevitably catch some of life's detritus as we use them. They become uncomfortable to hold and could even become unhygienic when you consider what they pick up.

A simple solution: promotional Sticky Screen Cleaners. They attach to the back of each device. It will carry your promotional message at people's fingertips - literally. These amazing detachable cleaners are simply peeled off, used to quickly clean that dim or dirty mobile screen, and then just put back in their place. They are capable of thousands of uses in their lifetime, and each time this happens, your promotional message can be kept front of mind of so many of your current or potential customers. 

Ready to stick your business message in place?

This is surely one of the most amazingly simple yet hugely cost-effective, long-lasting and useful promotional products you could ever offer! To ask any questions about our Sticky Screen Cleaners please call our friendly and helpful ID Supplies team on 1800 330 099.

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