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Promotional products: does my business need them?

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 27-Apr-2018 10:00:00

promotional_productsRunning a business? Then you'll understand the ups and downs of company struggles. It's a competitive world out there for small business today - and if you don't have a strong promotional marketing strategy in place, don't be surprised if you fall behind the rest. It is essential for any company, whether a sole entrepreneur, small business or large corporation to have promotional products in place to effectively market their business and drive customer engagement with their brand.

Promotional products aren't just nice freebies, they promote a cutting-edge, professional image to the customer. Increasing your brand name awareness and making your company more easily recognisable is an optimal step to take that over time results in company growth. Having an image as a leader in your field is essential to both standing out from your competitors and being taken seriously from customers as a credible and quality service provider. 

A customer gains an immediate impression of your company within the first five seconds of viewing your business image - do you want your business to make a positive impression? Promotional products are a necessity for any business seeking to improve their company image to future potential clients.

What should I display on my promotional products?

1. Logo 

All successful businesses should have strong company branding. Your logo is key to this and should be unique and relevant to your business' services, reflecting your brand name and what you stand for. It will stand out from a distance, whether on custom lanyards at events or pens in the office, as representative of you and is ideal for raising awareness.

2. Website URL and contact number

It's great to have a professional appeal to viewers - but where do they need to go to contact your services? Viewers that don't see a direct website address on your promo product can't seek out your company information and will forget you if they are unable to immediately view your details when they need them.

3. Less is more

While providing clients with necessary details, don't go into information overload! Less is more. Keep it simple, concise and let your promotional product design do the talking for you. Your logo, motto and some form of contact %28whether Twitter handle or phone number%29 may be all that's needed.

Promotional products deliver interest in your business

Perhaps you've got an event coming up and would like to hand out a goodie bag of promo products to attendees, or you'd like to equip employees with new supplies after re-branding - whatever your need, ID Supplies can help. We deliver premier, quality identification and promotional accessories to give your company that cutting-edge, 'stand out from the crowd' image that your business deserves. We specialise in custom and plain lanyards, ID tags, mouse mats, mugs, wristbands, pens and more, all designed to optimise your company image and attract client engagement with your brand. Having quality, premier products for your company sets you apart from the competition - exactly what your business needs in today's competitive market. 

Contact ID Supplies today on 1800 330 099 or visit us online for assistance in helping your business excel above and beyond your competitors.

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