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Protect ID cards with professional ID card holders

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 25-May-2018 10:00:00

ID-Supplies-lockable-card-holdersWhen investing in software and hardware to produce ID cards and use them to control access, it is very important that you ensure these cards are properly protected. While you have to give them to staff to look after, there are steps you can take to ensure that the ID cards cannot be lost or stolen and used to gain access to your offices.

Lockable ID card holders

Lockable ID card holders are a good solution to ensure that ID cards remain in good condition and cannot be stolen and amended. If someone can get hold of your ID card then they can easily alter it to show a different image if they have the right equipment to do so. With lockable ID card holders, however, the card will be protected from interference and tampering. This makes it harder for criminals to sneak into your offices and will help to keep your business more secure. These identification accessories can help to increase security for your business.

Security policy

To make this system work effectively it is essential that staff have a clear security policy to follow that includes wearing their identification accessories. By insisting on this you can ensure that all staff can be identified clearly and easily by the security personnel. With an appropriate lanyard and lockable ID card holder staff will be clearly identifiable at all times and security will be heightened. 

Visitor management

With lockable ID card holders, you can also increase the security of your visitor management control. By providing them with an ID card that they cannot tamper with, you can ensure that they can only go to the areas that they are supposed to be able to access. With appropriate identification accessories, you can also insist that they wear them and you can even use custom lanyards to identify them as visitors from a distance. 

Using ID cards for access control in your offices is an excellent way to protect your assets, but you need to secure these cards too. Lockable ID card holders will protect the cards and keep them more secure from tampering. If you insist that staff wear these identification accessories then you can increase your security dramatically.

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