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The Top Visitor Management Solutions

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 23-Feb-2018 10:00:00

ID Supplies visitor management systemOne of the key security concerns for any business has got to be employing the correct visitor management system. There's a balance, it's important to strike between being too cautious to the point where visitors to your facility feel stressed and as if they are being treated with suspicion, and being too lax and letting anyone walk in. The latter can not only lead to theft and damage to company property, but could also put you and your employees at risk. Below, we've listed a few of the top visitor management solutions that will help you to get that balance right.

software

For an update to the standard visitor book, there are a lot of sophisticated sign in software solutions out there that will ensure visitors' movements are tracked without them feeling like they are being put through a rigorous safety drill. An easy to use touch screen display means visitors to your premises will be impressed by the use of technology in your company. A disadvantage of this software, however, might well be that whilst sign-in software will enable you to record when visitors enter and leave the building, there won't be more detailed information about their movements available after they've come through the front door.

HID trusted tags

For visitors who will be visiting more than once, or for an extended period of time, it is worth investing in HID trusted tags. This technology combines near field communication and a cloud-based authentication platform to ensure maximum security for visitors who have been allocated a tag. The advantage of this more advanced identification system is that it allows different visitors various permissions. For example, a contractor visiting your business will be able to access the necessary equipment without requiring assistance from a permanent member of staff.

Security cards and lanyards

You want visitors to your company to feel safe and secure, but not like their visit is causing any difficulty. This is where the security lanyard offers the perfect solution for visitor management. Whilst cards by themselves can be problematic due to being easily lost amongst multiple cards in a wallet or purse, or the possibility they might be misplaced, using lanyards takes away these issues. Visitors are able to access their card quickly at all times, and the use of lanyards has other benefits too. A visitor lanyard signposts to employees at your company that the visitor is new and may not necessarily know their way around. This means that staff are likely to be extra friendly, offering helpful directions and approaching them if they need any assistance. A better visitor experience means more positive results for your company, whether individuals are visiting for an interview or a business meeting to close an important deal.

For more information about the visitor management solutions offered by ID Supplies, contact us today on 1800 330 099. A member of our friendly team will be happy to tell you more about any of our products and how our imaginative security solutions can help you and your business.

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