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Time Badges – What are they and how do they work?

Posted by Heath McDonald on 28-Oct-2014 09:00:00

time_badgeDo you have visitors that need to access your office for a day or longer? Traditional visitor badges are ok but if the visitor overstays, you have no easy or visible way of knowing. This could be a security risk. Traditional visitor management tools have been rather limited in the area of visitor management... well no longer! Time badges, could be the better solution.

Time badges are comprised of two parts - a backing paper and a header paper. The chemically treated backing has a set expiry when activated whether it be a half day, a full day or a week. You would first choose the backing paper with the appropriate time frame that your after. When it is stuck to the back of the header paper, the chemical is activated and the selected time period is on a count down. When the period expires, the text “Expired” displays from the backing paper through to the front of the header paper.

This gives you a badge with a definite end date that is on display to everyone, making it impossible to overstay without other people noticing. Other than printed id badges with a time stamped printed on it, time badges are the best solution for your visitors.

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