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Tips for optimal ID card design

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 23-May-2018 10:00:00


ID cards are used in many types of business and have various uses. Not only can they be used for security reasons, but they also allow customers and colleagues to address staff members by name. ID cards have become increasingly popular, as they can be placed in a cardholder on a custom or plain lanyard to act as an ID badge without the need for pins. This protects clothing, while still making the identification easily displayed and noticed. If you plan to use ID cards in your business, here are some great design tips to ensure yours are optimised for maximum success.


Appropriate use of space

ID cards are not particularly large but do offer more space than a traditional name badge. This allows you to make optimum use of space, but without overcrowding. A popular design layout features a photo of the employee to the right of the card, with their name and job title printed clearly to the left and visible from a couple of feet. You can choose to add employee numbers, year of employment or skills and qualifications. Always be sure, however, to avoid adding too much information as this will leave the card cluttered and hard to read. 

Use clear, bold fonts

Fancy fonts may look nice but they are often hard to read, especially at a distance. For professional ID cards always use clear, bold fonts, ideally sans-serif, such as Arial or Helvetica, that make all text easy to read. This allows important details to stand out and keeps the card looking professional and in line with staff uniform. Always use the same fonts and colours when you print new badges.

Print at high quality

ID cards lose their effect if images are blurry and fonts are smudged. You should always aim to print high-quality cards, with vibrant colours and sharp edges. The cards themselves should also be of good quality, to avoid breakage and keep the clean, professional standard. 

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