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Why you need to get in on the 2018 FARGO UPTrade Promotion

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 07-Mar-2018 15:55:00

So, your company printer has been part of the office family for nearly 10 years now, last year she printed cards like a dream. This year, you've noticed she's starting to lose her charm, getting a little rusty on the cards.

It's not your fault though! I mean, you did purchase that cleaning kit!... once.... in 2012... what about the time you gave her a 2014... I think it's a clear enough sign that your beloved machine's card printing days are over, maybe your printer caring skills are partially to blame, either way, it's time for an upgrade

But whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Is that seriously how you're going to treat her after a good 10 years of great service to the company! throw her in the trash! giv'r ere. No seriously, send her over

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Fargo Wi-Fi Module - Nifty ID Card Printer Accessory!

Posted by Heath McDonald on 23-Apr-2016 10:30:00

Wi-Fi is literally everywhere these days; at home, at work, at Maccas and even mid air on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne.

Not only is Wi-Fi everywhere, it's in almost every thing and now the HID Fargo ID card printers can have Wi-Fi too. The clever people at HID Global who manufacture the Fargo ID card printers (in my opinion the best card printers available today) have developed the Fargo Wi-Fi Module.

This Fargo Wi-Fi module will allow you to print cards through your existing Wi-Fi. With a range of up to 70 meters (indoor) and a whopping 250 meters (outdoor) away from the Wi-Fi router. (The Fargo ID card printer must have Ethernet option).

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Top 3 Coolest Fargo Id Card Printers!

Posted by Heath McDonald on 18-Mar-2016 12:00:00

When it comes to ID card printers, I am of the opinion that the Fargo range has some of the best and coolest card printers around. In this post I wanted to profile 3 card printers out of this very impressive range and talk about why they make my coolest list.

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HID Fargo Card Printers on Windows 10

Posted by Heath McDonald on 11-Feb-2016 10:00:00

At the time of writing this post, HID Fargo card printers are not “officially” supported by HID Global to run on Windows 10, however the fact remains that Windows 10 is similar enough to Windows 8.1 that the drivers appear to work normally, as far as our own testing has determined.

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Fargo, Id Card Printers! Why We Are The Number One Re-seller Of Fargo!

Posted by Heath McDonald on 20-Nov-2015 12:00:00

Let's face it, we are not the only reseller of Fargo id card printers. In fact if you were after one of these printers, you could buy them from anywhere, from online hock shops that have absolutely no customer service and no responsibility. To massive companies that need to charge you more simply because of their massive over heads. In This post I want to make a case as to why you should join thousands of other happy customers and buy your Fargo id card printer from us.

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Mac Printing Option's For Id Card Printer

Posted by Heath McDonald on 26-Jun-2015 12:00:00

If your an Apple Mac owner and you have tried to print id cards from it. Chances are you have found the ordeal frustrating, to say the least. Here is why, did you know that the majority of id card printers are manufactured to just work on pc's. The reason for this seems obvious as there are many more pc's in the world than mac's.

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How and Why to Update Your Fargo Driver and Firmware

Posted by Heath McDonald on 20-Feb-2015 09:30:00

As each card printer is put into the market the manufacturers work on any issues that arise and fix these through printer driver and firmware updates. These updates are readily available from the manufacturer's websites but they are sometimes hard to find or hard to use.

This article will show you how to update your firmware to keep your printer working at optimal performance. This post comes out as HID Global ( The manufacturers of the printer ) have released the new Fargo DTC1250e ID card printer, and with this new printer comes new printer ribbons for both the new DTC1250e and the preceding model, the Fargo DTC1000 card printer. This post is not only for uses of the the above mentioned models but for all Fargo users to keep their printers up to date.

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Id Card Printer Cleaning Kits For Your Model Printer!

Posted by Heath McDonald on 13-Feb-2015 09:30:00

Keeping your id card printer clean is vital to its peak performance and will of course save you money when it comes to it's long term maintenance. To ensure correct cleaning as recommended by the manufacturers we included some links to common printers.

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Discover The Power Of Loyalty Cards With Fargo ID Card Printers

Posted by Heath McDonald on 06-Feb-2015 09:30:00

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Fargo Id Card Printer Website Now Live!

Posted by Heath McDonald on 08-Jan-2015 14:07:00

We are happy to announce our Fargo id card printer website is now live and ready for to assist customers with everything Fargo.

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