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Why HID tags are essential for today's security

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 14-Feb-2018 10:00:00

mobile-tablet.pngHID trusted tags allow modern businesses to authenticate communications between near field communication devices, allowing you to ensure secure data transfers and offer authentication and brand protection. Protect your business' data in the cloud and ensure electronic audits are easy and trustworthy with this must-have modern security product.

Could your business benefit from confirming a check-in for a home visit service? Does your business need a reliable trail of presence to cover legalities and monitor performance? How about the easy detection and prevention of sharing URLs? Do your products need their authenticity verified? HID cards can do all this, and more.

How it all works

Tablets and smartphones that are near field communication enabled allow the easy transfer of information. Near field communication (NFC) allows for easy transfer of data by proximity, as well as services like peer to peer radio communication.

HID tags come in the form of a card or sticker inlay that can be placed on a device or lanyard. HID tags can be attached or embedded into a variety of every day objects you use in your business. They are easy to carry around, but these light devices offer solid security benefits.

Once your HID tags are in use, you cut out the need for additional devices and costs. Because these devices are so cleverly encrypted, you cut out the need for older security authentication equipment like readers. You will also save on costly software development, too.

Why the HID tags are so trustworthy

Every time you tap an HID tag, its tailored security and privacy attributes will change. That means its practically impossible to copy these devices for data theft or other nefarious purposes. Hackers hate these security devices, as their data reads are completely uncloneable.

Additional benefits of HID tags

You can use your HID tags for free small data analytics about each tap. That means that each transaction can potentially offer you true data and deep insights into how your consumers spend and behave. Aside from offering security and brand protection, the available small data analytics could potentially help your business to develop services for untapped markets and new revenue streams.

Other services available with HID tags include global supply chain management and IoT applications.

Get in touch with ID Supplies today to find out more about how we can provide HID trusted tags and other identification accessories and security solutions for your business. FREECALL: 1800 330 099

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