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Why KEY-BAK Retractable Reels are so Invaluable to countless professionals

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 14-Jun-2018 10:56:01

How to avoid loosing keys - Key holder - KEY-BAK Retractable ReelsThere’s nothing more dreadful then rocking up to work on a Monday morning, only to realise you’ve left your work keys in the front pocket of those work pants you threw in the wash Sunday. But hey, at lease they’ll be extra shinny right… 

When this problem begins to feel too familiar, it’s time to start searching for a solution. Lucky for you, you won’t have to search any further! Ever thought of using a retractable key holder? This small and handy object will be your new best friend. It’s always got your back when it comes to concerns about losing your keys or access pass and they'll never be forgotten in pockets again since it attaches them externally. This handy friend will never leave your hip! Literally!

Industries that rely on retractable key holder;
  • Corrective service
  • Health care
  • Law enforcement
  • Department of defense
  • Manufacturing and industrial workers
  • Warehousing
  • Hospitality
  • Administrative and support
KEY-BAK retractable reels are an invaluable tool in the daily lives of countless professionals from within different types of industries, these workers rely on secure and quick access to their keys, small tools, ID and access cards.

Top 5 features of a KEY-BAK Retractable key holder;

1. Strength 
KEY-BAK's premium retractable badge and key holders are compact yet strong and durable enough to hold up to 40 keys!
2. Secure
Cords range from strong polyester, stainless steel too tough Kevlar. Cord features include patented locking mechanism to ensure your keys are never dropping to the floor. Some reels feature a built-in ratchet mechanism which allows you to lock the reel in up to 5 different length intervals.
3. Durable
The reels have a lifetime that extends over 10 years due to the strong and durable features of the reels case and cord. Cases range from Chrome, Vinyl too impact resistant Polycarbonate.
4. Quality
KEY-BAK reels are the highest quality retractors on the market with verified testing of the tough Kevlar cord of over 1-million pulls!
4. Multi-use
KEY-BAK reels are designed to hold everything from keys, radios, flashlights, gps units, small tools and ID badges.

So, we have a solution, retractable reels. But hold on, there’s a whole range of these little buddies! You're probably wondering, why? they all have one purpose? but each industry is different right? ID Supplies offers a unique range of KEY-BAK retractable key holders, to ensure you have the option of choosing a reel, that is best suited to your industry's unique work environment

Here are just two models of the KEY-BAK range we supply;

  1. The KEY-BAK Super 48 #1 top seller

Don’t let it's size fool you, its much tougher than it looks. This retractable is great for traidies, factory and warehouse workers and site managers. Every single aspect of this heavy duty retractable key holder screams rugged use and hard work. Its case is made of extra durable poly-carbonate making it impact resistant, and you’ll never have to worry about the cord snapping, its strong Kevlar cord has been tested to over one million pulls! The Super 48 also has a patented locking mechanism to ensure your keys, tools, and other items stay snug at your hip. It really is super!

KeyBak 48 Heavy Duty front view


2. The KEY-BAK Original

The OG of the complete KEY-BAK range, this guy is sure to outlast the new competition. This super duty reel is great for custodians, facilities and maintenance workers, hospitality and casino employees, mechanics, and more! This reel especially looks great with custodian uniform due to its textured black vinyl front casing and classic chrome finish. Select the stainless steel chain, or the rugged Kevlar cord.


For more information or guidance, contact one of our friendly team members at ID Supplies to learn more about retractable key holders and the KEY-BAK range we offer. Call 1800 330 099 or you can visit our website at www.idsupplies.com.au

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