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Why we're your go to card printer supplier

Posted by Heath McDonald on 20-Mar-2015 09:30:00

If you're reading this then the chances are you've decided to purchase a card printer. Well you've taken the right first step... research - find out what card printers there are available and what differentiates one supplier from the other.

We will get in to why we're your go to card printer supplier in a minute but for now lets share our knowledge.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a card printer is always "What do I need it to do?". Make a quick list of outcomes you want to achieve i.e. full colour, double sided and networkable. This will guide not only yourself to the right choice but also help the potential supplier find a printer that fits your requirements.

Second step, talk to an expert or authority in the industry to discover matches to your needs and also alternatives that may save you hundreds if not thousands over the course of the printers life span.

The next step can be a daunting one... deciding which printer and what supplier you want to trust with your business, after all most printers have a 2 to 3 year warranty so you will want to feel confident your chosen supplier will give you the after sales service you deserve and not sell you a product and wish you luck.

Now that we have shared our knowledge, lets talk about why we're the right choice for you.

The staff here are committed to an exceptionally high level of customer service and after sales service, we believe it defines us as an industry leader in the card printing world.

We take every opportunity to grow and increase our level of service, which leads to such programs as our Card Printer Service Guarantee. This card printer service guarantee is based on our own initiative to ensure the customer has every confidence in not only the product but the after sales service.

Budgets and price can be some customers concerns when purchasing a big ticket item such as a card printer, so it's always important you get value for money. How value for money is perceived varies from person to person but cheap or expensive is not always value. We believe value is in the complete cycle of purchasing, it starts with the quote and progresses to the trust in the product, then through to the purchase and lastly but not least the after sales service.

If you're still not sold on why we're your go to card printer supplier, then I urge you to read our post on our Full time support and service technician by clicking here

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