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Why you need to get in on the 2018 FARGO UPTrade Promotion

Posted by Tristan Sharrock on 07-Mar-2018 15:55:00

So, your company printer has been part of the office family for nearly 10 years now, last year she printed cards like a dream. This year, you've noticed she's starting to lose her charm, getting a little rusty on the cards.

It's not your fault though! I mean, you did purchase that cleaning kit!... once.... in 2012... what about the time you gave her a service...in 2014... I think it's a clear enough sign that your beloved machine's card printing days are over, maybe your printer caring skills are partially to blame, either way, it's time for an upgrade

But whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Is that seriously how you're going to treat her after a good 10 years of great service to the company! throw her in the trash! giv'r ere. No seriously, send her over

#winning-1.pngUPTrade your companies old ID Card printer to ID Supplies, and receive a new FARGO with up to $600 discount off the original price! This can be any old FARGO card printer or any dye sublimation or reverse image card printer from other manufacturers. This Promo is only Valid till December 31, 2018.

Refer to the list below to see the FARGO ID Card Printer range we offer as well as the UPTrade values;


DTC4500e or HDP5000 - original price incl. tax: $3,957.09


- Single-Side = $350 

- Dual-Side = $450

- Lamination = $600

DTC4250e - original price incl. tax: $3,585.99


- Single-Side = $350

- Dual-Side = $450

DTC1250e - original price incl. tax: $2,194.50


- Single-Side = $200

- Dual-Side = $300


For queries or to learn more about the FARGO UPTrade promotion, Contact our friendly ID Supplies sales team on 1800 330 099

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